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Y’s Owl Maclure Co-operative Centre continues to operate as a co-op, the members maybe either a member or associate member. Membership entitles the members to vote on matters of the organization and encourages participation at the Board level; allowing members to have a voice in the cooperative.

The agency receives annualized funding from the provincial Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services. Access to our regular funded supports and services as mentioned, is obtained through Developmental Services Ontario, Eastern Region. Individuals and families may also purchase service using Passport or private funds depending on the availability of the service requested.

Y’s Owl Maclure Co – operative Centre provides services and support on site with our Owl Learning Centre Program. Our community-based programs include the Supported Independent Living (SIL), Owl Employment and the Foundations programs.

With the introduction of Passport funding, Y’s Owl Maclure Co – operative Centre provides additional services to youth and young adults on the Autism Spectrum. Programs include: ASD Gaming, Cooking, Employment Training and Social Drop-in Programs.